“One would never know the deep heart issues of Cynthia Spell when she stands before an audience looking as nearly perfectly put-together as anyone can look. She disarms her audience with her presentation and then walks into their heads with her understanding of what they think and into their hearts with her empathy for what they feel. Her understanding of the shame issues that plaque women is profound. She speaks as one who knows the topic personally and professionally -That’s a great combination for offering true help.”

Jan Silvious, Women of Faith Speaker

Author of: Big Girls Don’t Whine and Smart Girls Think Twice


“Every once in a wonderful while, God allows me to run across a woman who is the real deal…a real girl of God…a girl who knows His grace because she shares the underbelly of her life openly, honestly, with humor and ocean depths of understanding.  Cynthia is one of those rare, wise women!

“If I could clone her, I would! If I could get my daughter and her friends, my sister, my best friends and Mom to hear her speak…I’d pay the airfare!  Cynthia is humble, but bold in Christ.  She’s a rare lady who gives voice to women’s fears while pouring hope into the cracks of our humanity.  She is a speaker who leads us to to smiling, healing tears. Cynthia is a survivor, a warrior and an ongoing over- comer in her Jesus.

“Take a look, be encourage, be enthralled and rejoice in knowing this precious lady!”

Bonnie Keene; Singer, Speaker, Author

Nashville, TN   (Formerly with First Call.)


“Cynthia speaks with intelligence, charm, grace and a deep love of Christ. Every now and then in life, one comes across a truly gifted individual such as Cynthia. It is with highest confidence that I recommend her as one who is truly a sage in communication.

“Perhaps even more important than her giftedness, is her demeanor that sparkles when she talks about Christ! Simply put, she may be one of the best communicators of our age.

Frank Minirth, M.D.; The Minirth Clinic, Richardson, TX

Author of: Happiness is a Choice, Love is a Choice and Love Hunger


“Dynamic. Inspiring. Professional. Humerous. Practical. Cynthia Spell is a gifted speaker with a powerful message. With a solid foundation in Biblical truth, her ministry offers hope and encouragement to women from all walks of life. She combines substantive content with practical application and and abundance of illustrations that touch the heart. Audiences ask her to return again…and again.”

Carol Kent; Speaker for Women of Faith & Extraordinary Women

Author of: When I lay My Isaac Down, A New Kind of Normal and Between a Rock and a Grace Place


“When Cynthia asked me to write an endorsement, I was somewhat taken aback.  There is no title after my name, except for ‘Friend’.  But, if I were a toy on a shelf, and you picked me up to look at me, you would see these words inscribed, ‘Made In Heaven With Love – God.’ I’m just like everyone else.  Cynthia helped me get past all the noise and lies that had for so long kept me from believing that one simple truth. She taught me how valuable I am to God.

“The Bible says, ‘By their fruit you will recognize them’ and the fruits are ‘love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.’  I’ve known Cynthia Spell over 25 years and I can assure you that you will come to recognize her not by her appearance, but by her fruits.  My  Pastor says ‘You may be the only Jesus someone sees, so make sure they get the right story.’  Every time I talk to Cynthia, I always get the right story.  The Jesus in her shines through to me.  I’m positive the Jesus in her will shine through to you, too.”

George A. Weir


“Cynthia has a wonderful ability to balance gentle humor and keen insight with wise counsel and strong Biblical teaching. We’ve had her as the keynote speaker for our marriage retreat on two different occasions, and we were truly blessed! We deeply appreciate her real life perspective on real life issues such as relationships, marriage, self-esteem and the unending grace of God to change our lives.”

Steve Dickie; Director of Family Life Ministries

Eastminster Presbyterian; Wichita, KS


I’ve heard many speakers through the years, but none who are so fresh, warm and authentic as Cynthia Spell. She is a terific communicator who reflects God’s love in a uniquely compassionate way.”

Marge Caldwell: Speaker, Author, Counselor

Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX 


“Cynthia won the hearts of our audience with her unpretentious Southern charm, her tremendous insight into the relational stuggles people face, her ability to address those struggles with solid Biblical principles, and her natural and disarming wit. Over the past twenty years, she has spoken at our retreats on six different occassions. Cynthia is a woman you will easily love, and her tender heart will bless you!”

Joan Olson; Director of Women’s Ministries

Spring Hill Camps; Evart, MI


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