“Broken Into Beautiful” is a 3-DVD set of Cynthia’s most popular topics.

Session One: Unshakable Faith for Shaky Times

Even though we live in a world where suffering is inescapable, we can choose to have faith that God is working for our good and His glory. Cynthia exposes her own frailty in her journey through depression, recovery from addiction, and the pain of an unexpected divorce. She explores seven ways God uses suffering to teach us perseverance, faith, and hope for the future.

Session Two: Finding Joy in Your Journey

In a way that only she can share, Cynthia Spell teaches us that the purpose of our journey is to know Christ intimately. We often miss the joy of our journey because we are impatient, like little children in the back seat screaming, “Are we there yet?” Learn ways to put your past behind you, to stop worrying about the future, and to live in the joy of “the now.” Cynthia encourages us with the truth that our gracious and forgiving God is the God of a million chances to start over. It’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish. Learn to finish well!

Session Three: Learning to Love Your Scars

How can something that seems broken and ruined be turned into something beautiful? Cynthia transparently shares that when she finally gave God the broken pieces of her life, He did not throw them away like garbage. Instead, to her surprise, He created a beautiful mosaic that depicts a rich spiritual truth of God’s love and grace. Her suffering gains value when it encourages and comforts others who are struggling. The most shameful part of her life has become her greatest gift! God will restore your broken places too! To order your set via PayPal, click here…