About Cynthia

Yes, Cynthia is an experienced, licensed counselor; a compelling speaker; and an inspiring author — but it’s her heart that will reach you; a heart that knows full well what it is to be broken.

Her transparency captures her listeners, speaks to their pain, and leaves them with new hope. She shares what she knows firsthand: It is from broken hearts that God shapes His most beautiful mosaic masterpieces.


What event attendees have to say about Cynthia:

Sandy: I was told through tears this morning what an amazing time the ladies had at the event. There was forgiveness and healing for them. I have had so many women tell me what a wonderful experience it was and how much you spoke to them. Thank you for giving yourself in such a humble and heart-felt way.

Brooke: Thank you for the wonderful message!!

Dee Dee: God really did some pruning in me about forgiveness and bitterness…. He is taking my broken pieces and putting them back together….

Roseann: We LOVED you!!! You blessed us immeasurably! xox

Jana: It’s been almost twenty years since the first time I heard you speak, Cynthia. The lessons I learned from you that day — and the lessons that followed as I got to know you — are still having an impact on me today. My life is richer because of all the ways God has touched me through you!


Cynthia Spell was as a therapist with the Minirth-Meier Clinic for seven years, and a frequent guest speaker on the Clinic’s national radio program. She has earned master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Christian Counseling. Her clinical experience includes group, marriage, family and individual therapy.

As a counselor, speaker, author and church leader, Cynthia has worked one-on-one with women struggling with a myriad of issues rooted in shame. Her teaching combines the healing truths of Scripture with sound psychological principles. Her book, Deceived By Shame, Desired By God, published by NavPress, examines shame as a toxic emotion which deceives us into believeing that we’re irreparably damaged. “But,” Cynthia says, “The life-giving truth is that there’s nothing about you or your past that God cannot redeem with His healing, unconditional love!”

Cynthia and her three children, Elisabeth, Christian and Mary Camille, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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